The AMZ Formula MAX
The AMZ Formula MAX is Joshua's exact 7 figure formula and will offer the resources you need to become a 6 & even 7 figure earner. The AMZ Formula is going to be shutting down to new members so our team can focus time, energy and resources on MAX Members.

After helping 4,000+ students, over 250,000 people seeing his free trainings and creating over 100 6 figure earners in 2020 alone Joshua has identified a few key components that are missing that will help 10x our members results! To celebrate the launch we are accepting 100 new MAX members at HUGE saving! After the price will go back up and there will be an application process to be accepted.

TAF MAX is not a course it is a movement for those who are serious about getting MAXIMUM results in their business & life. 


If you really want something bad enough you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse! -Jim Rohn 

Below is just a fraction of what’s included in the membership to TAF MAX

3 Coaching Calls Per Month Covering 

  • Getting Started & Beginner Questions
  • Live Product Research & Questions 
  • PPC & Advanced Launch / Scaling Strategies

You also gain access to high quality Annually updated training videos that walk you through the entire process video by video. (70+ Videos) Also get access to more than 2 dozen templates, cheat sheets and pdf’s directly out of Joshua’s business blueprint archive. 

Business Structure 

  • Learn how to create partnerships, joint ventures, raise capital, get business credit, working capital and more to start and grow with $0 out of pocket!
  • Entity
  • Branding 
  • ​Blueprint to 2 different private label businesses Generic / Brand
  • ​Copyright
  • ​Trademark 
  • ​Patents and inventions
  • ​Selling or exiting your business 
  • ​Starting or growing an Amazon Business outside the US 

Product Research 

  • Things to know before starting & how to find a product that will make you $10k profit per month
  • In depth instructional’s on how to use the industries leading softwares 
  • ​Prefix Descriptors Strategy 
  • ​Google Product Research 
  • ​Alibaba Product Research 
  • ​Reverse Engineer Product Research 
  • ​Oversize Secret Strategy Product Research 
  • ​ABC Search Product Research Strategy 
  • Understanding Gated categories and how to become undated in ANY category 

Product Validation

  •  How to get 100% Accurate data on how many products per day your customers are selling so you can validate the product will sell
  • Learn how to identify if there is depth of market and verify the product are sustainable for long term profits! 
  • Learn how to identify profit margins on potential products and how to increase profit margins to desired 30% or more!

Suppliers & Manufacturers  

  • Learn how to eliminate the middleman and source / manufacture your products from the biggest and best suppliers in the world, the same factories Nike, Apple and other large companies use. 
  • Step by step instructions on how to navigate and find suppliers.
  • Access to Joshua’s personal Sourcing Agent in China 
  • ​Access to Joshua’s personal sourcing Script
  • ​DEEP Discounts on Freight forwarders 

Shipping & Importing 

  • Learn the entire process on how to import products from anywhere in the world and ship them directly to Amazon.
  • Learn how to utilize and maximize on different logistic strategies such as EXW, DDP, FOB
  • Learn how to utilize and maximize on different logistic strategies such as Air & Sea freight 
  • Step by step walk though on creating a shipment plan and getting your inventory live

Product Verification (MICRO LAUNCH) 

  • Learn how to test a product utilizing our proprietary system which is fail proof. Learn how to profit on losing products and even how to launch products with $0
  • Learn how to use create a optimized Amazon listing
  • ​Learn how to get access reviews fast
  • ​Learn how to design and create quality packaging fast & efficiently  
  • Learn how to create ad campaigns to test your product on Amazon 

PPC & Sponsored Ads

  • Step by step instructions and guidance on how to navigate the dashboard and how to create campaigns. ! 
  • Learn how to do keyword research to find your best search terms for huge profits!
  • ​Learn how to optimize and monitor campaigns to increase profit margin.
  • ​ Learn in depth how to run sponsored products, sponsored brands, sponsored display and more!

Scaling Secrets

  • Discover the secret strategies, techniques & methods Joshua uses to scale brands from 6 to 7 figures!
  • Utilizing Vine
  • Influencer marketing utilizing Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & other top social platforms 
  • How to utilize Press Releases to create hyper targeted clients
  • ​DEEP Discounts on Freight forwarders 
  • ​Lighting deals
  • ​Daily deals
  • ​Coupons 
  • ​Subscription services for predictable monthly income
  • ​Prime day strategies 
  • ​Fourth Quarter Secrets 
  • ​Growing your catalog strategically
  • ​Child ASINS 
  • ​Enhanced Brand Content & A+ Content 
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If you really want something bad enough you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse! -Jim Rohn